Frigidaire 1.25 HP Corded Garbage Disposer FF13DISPC1

Frigidaire 1.25 HP Corded Garbage Disposer for Kitchen Sinks

  • Safer Disposal with Silver Guard: Powerful Silver Guard magnetic ring captures most metal objects before they enter into the disposer chamber.
  • Torque Master Powerful Grinding System: Instant, high speed-torque powers through tough scraps and food waste. Your disposer’s system works to balance the speed and force of the motor and cutting components to help prevent jams. Quickly grinds coffee grounds, produce scraps, small bones and other food waste with minimized noise and vibrations.
  • Quietest, High Powered Performance: Designed for maximum sound reduction with fully insulated sound shell.
  • Easy to Install Design: Quickly install your disposer to the existing 3-bolt sink mount flange or use the provided 3-bolt mount flange. Compatible with all 3-bolt mounts.
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